domenica 9 settembre 2007

Last Tuesday we have been visiting an photography exhibition called Absence, by Mikkel McAlinden. I have really enjoyed it..but the best part was to have the photographer there..He has been answering to all our questions and with that background I saw the pictures from another point of view!
He took pictures of ordinary places, like his own kitchen, or some houses during night, or skyscrapers from the top.. but he transformed these spaces in something special.. especially in the picture with the skyscrapers! They are not simply buildings..they are a composition…something that put all together gives an emotion..that picture is amazing.. I love the perspective and the strong tension that brings you to watch towards the bottom..but at the same time there is so much going on all around... It is like if you would like to watch all the points of the picture at the same moment…and at the same time this piece of art has quite big dimensions.. so you can’t do that..
I liked a lot also those two pictures with light effects.. At first sight you think it is something so abstract.. a composition, but then on the extreme side of the picture you recognize something familiar..some books.. and this brings you back to something that you know.. I like this contrasting emotions..

While I was looking at the exhibition anyway some questions poped up in my mind.. When (or how) you decide that a pictures is so perfect ( or maybe imperfect! ) to be exhibited somewhere? What makes a picture great and another one just mediocre and ordinary?? Let’s take two pics and lets say the both of them are technically do you chose which one is the best? is it because of the emotions they can give you? I think so.. I would do that..

sabato 1 settembre 2007

Thinking...searching...googling ... and something caught my attention..a explaination about creativity:
"because creativity is based on a deep knowledge of rules to exceed, a person, to be creative needs some specifical characteristics: curiousity, need of order and success (not economic), indipendence, critical, not satisfied, to have self-discipline."
I actually felt my self beeing so similar to this description.. which I think is a good start for this course!

I think that as designer we have to be very creative.. but it is not something be a designer means to find the right balance between been craziness and rules in some way..