giovedì 22 maggio 2008

mercoledì 21 maggio 2008

venerdì 16 maggio 2008

Some screen shoots ideas


These are our two personas. Jørgen and Helena.
Two people not far from eachother as age, but very different in their habits, life style and caring about money.
Jørgen is father and cares a lot about money. He has to pay back his student loan and the loan for the appartment he bought for his family. He also want to try to save money for his daughter's future education.
Helena is single and really likes to go out partying. She is studying graphic design and she is also highly concerned with fashion. She spends her money for branded cloths and especially for bags!

Rapid Prototyping

In these days we are having collaboration with the students from the 2nd year of the industrial design course.
They are going to help us to make an object in rapid prototyping related to our project.
Ingrid and I thought about a give away token that people who become part of our service would receive with the welcome package.
It is probably going to be something to attach to the mobile phone.

We got different ideas about the function and this morning we discussed those with Kjetil, Ida and Fredrik.
Some ideas:
- The object should have an organic, pleasant, soft shape. It has to be a pleasure to touch it and to see it.
- A led light could be embedded into it and it could switch on every time you make a payment transaction with your phone.
- The object can have embedded a RFID tag witch communicate with the mobile phone. For example when the phone and the object touch each other, the object can give the information to open the page of your bank e-mail account.
- It can represent which kind of customer you are. If you are VIP customers, because you probably make many transactions, your object would be different from the other people’s object. So it should be a range of products and it should represent you as a client of the service.
- It can show that you are part of the service (if it is attached to your phone) and so that you are able to make payment transactions with your mobile.
- It can change shape based on how your account is. For example if you have a lot of money on your account the object becomes bigger. So it is affected on how you spend your