lunedì 28 aprile 2008

Schulze & Webb

Today we started our adventure with Schulze & Webb!
They are interaction and product designers from London.
It was actually very inspirational and interesting.

As a first exercise we had to define our project.
Ingrid and I described it as:

“We want to create an accessible, trustful and attractive system to pay anything through NFC technology and to introduce it in the Norwegian society.”

Talking with them, they suggested us to work on a second layer level adding services to our system.
We have to give more values to it and more services than paying with credit card or with cash.
This question is very important: “Why our system is better than credit card and cash?”
In my opinion it is mainly because of the transaction history that you have always available on your mobile phone and because of the diagrams which show you how you have been spending your money. But we can do more!
Schulze & Webb advised that we should help people to manage their own economy, creating services that help you with money.
I believe this is a good street to give values to our system. They rose up the same questions I had in my head and now Ingrid and I have a path to follow.

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